Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pick the right track, dingbat!!!

OK, as you may recall, yesterday I recommended you bet on Lady Gila at Turf Paradise (horse #6 in the 2nd race), and Mr Commons at Santa Anita (horse #8, race 9).

Well, first the bad news: Mr. Commons came in 4th, and Lady Gila showed. So if you bet both of them to Place (as I did), you're out four bucks, sorry.

But get this:  like an idiot, I forgot to check which track I was betting, and accidentally bet on Santa Anita’s race 2 instead of Turf Paradise’s!

As it turns out, it wouldn’t have mattered, since horse #6 in that race (“Wednesday”) came in 5th.

However - the GOOD news is that this morning, I heard a tip from a handicapper on the radio (wish I’d gotten his name! I didn’t, sorry!) who recommended the long shot “Clubhouse Ride” in race #10 (the Santa Anita Handicap.

So I bet $2 on him to show - and he placed! At 27 to 1 odds, no less!!

So I bet a total of $6.00, and got back $6.80. Not too shabby! Of course, not QUITE as big a margin of profit as I’d like, but hey, a plus sign always beats a minus, at the end of an otherwise blah race day!

Moral of this story is: the correct name for anyone who thinks they have a "system" to bet the races is: "LOSER!!"

Still - I'll keep tryin'! But I'm going to take today off - it is Sunday after all ... 

(Oh all right, quicher whinin'! Santa Anita race 4, go for #4, Buenos Dias; Turf Paradise race 6, try #5, Lord Avalon. Just because they're each the two with the highest Beyers ratings in their previous races. No other good reason. So there!)

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