Friday, March 1, 2013


And now - what you’ve all been waiting for: AUNT CHRISSY’S PICKS OF THE DAY!   

Yup, I’m going to give you a buncha horses that I think just might make some $$ today - and I’m going to bet on ‘em too, so as I said yesterday, if you lose, don’t come whining to me because I’ll be feeling pretty bad too.

Note: I refer to the Beyers Speed Figures a lot, so just to save whatever the virtual online equivalent of “trees” would be, let’s abbreviate that “BSF” from this point on, shall we?

Anyway, here goes! Let’s start with a track in my neck of the woods - beautiful SANTA ANITA!

Race 2: Check out #2, CANDY’S JEWEL. Her BSF last time out was 87, and she’s shown a nice steady increase from 61 to 87 in her last several outings.
In race 3, I think #1, GRAND GIANT, will at least be in the money.
For race 7, check out #4, SURFCUP, who’s definitely the fastest horse in this lineup.
(LONGSHOT: #7, WILD STUDENT, in race #3.)

Heading east to TURF PARADISE in beautiful not-yet-scorched-earth-hot Phoenix, Arizona, I’m looking at four races today.

Race #1: I am definitely betting on #6, MOON VALLEY BABE, who had a whopping 106 in her BSF the last time out - that’s just super fast, fastest speed of any horse in ANY race at this track OR Santa Anita today! If she doesn’t at least show I’m gonna be real surprised.
Race #2: Let’s go with #5, BLACK STORM REGARD - shows a lot of potential and very fast at 98 BSF.
Race #5: Not really enthusiastic about the entire field, but #7, ADRIATIC MOON, looks to be the best of the lot.
Race 8: #4, WARONTHEHOMEFRONT, looks pretty good. Not great, but better than the rest of the field.
(LONGSHOT: pretty much every horse in races 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8. Sorry! I’ll come up with something better next time!)

And - to show I have the courage of my convictions - I’ll check in tomorrow with the results and let you know how much I won (or lost)!

(And important P.S. - I'm doing "Place" bets for now - till I get more confidence in my handicapping skills!)


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