Thursday, February 28, 2013

Welcome to Aunt Chrissy's Racing Green's NEW SITE!

Hi everyone, and welcome to yet another of my never-ending series of started and abandoned blogs!

(Nyuk nyuk! Let's hope this one won't follow THAT path!)

Actually, it may have a better shot at success, because what I'm doing here is converting a very old website (Chrissy's Racing Green), which I created wayyyyyy back in the deep, dark mists of time (2001, to be exact) into a blog.

The main reasons are: (a) after all these years I think I'm finally getting the hang of this handicapping stuff; (b) it's easier than trying to figure out what my old password and email address were every time I want to log in; and (c) I STILL LOVE HORSE RACING YAYYY OMG PONIES!!

Ahem! So, here goes with my brand new blog! I'll still provide WORKING links to all the major race tracks; plus links to great horse racing articles and info all over the Net.

PLUS - at least once a week - I'll share with you my handicapping tips on selected upcoming races! Just for fun, you understand - if you bet on my picks and lose, don't come whining to me, because chances are I lost too and I'm feeling pretty glum.

OK, here goes! Thanks for reading so far - join me tomorrow morning and I'll tell you which horsies I'm betting on at SANTA ANITA and TURF PARADISE!