Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It's working!!! and my non-alcoholic Derby Mint Not-Julep recipe!

Good news, everybody - my little "system" (picking certain words & betting on any horse that has one of those words in his/her/its name) has actually been paying off!

Or at least I'm losing less than I was. Here's my theory: Since I'm only picking horses from Santa Anita or Turf Paradise (locals), chances are if I pick horses with the words "Cat", "Warren" or "Gold" in their names, they're all from the same sires/dams and thus more likely to be thoroughbreds that are more likely to win on a regular basis.

Or whatever. I'm just happy to occasionally see a "plus" sign next to my account at Twinspires instead of the usual negative.

Anyway, on to the Derby! It's May 3/4 this year, and although I've never been to Churchill Downs and probably never will (wahh!!), I do like to celebrate at home, by singing along to The Song while hoisting some sort of drink with mint in it (usually iced tea).

HOWEVER, this year I'm going to at least TRY to get some semblance of resemblance to a real Mint Julep! So to that end, here's Aunt Chrissy's non-patented non-alcoholic Mint Julep, Sorta Kinda!

1. Fresh mint leaves from your garden (or from the supermarket)
2. Tea
3. Sugar (or sweetener, depending on how diet-ific you're feeling)

A. Pour sugar over mint leaves.
B. Pour tea over sugar & mint leaves.
C. Stir.
D. Add ice cubes if desired.
E. Add more tea.
F. And, er, if you change your mind and want it to be alcoholic, Kahlua works pretty well.
G. Or maybe just a beer.

Oh yeah, and if you haven't already, maybe finish off any leftover Easter eggs you may have left in the fridge. Though you probably should have done this a few weeks ago.