Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's results - 4 out of 4 in the money!

OK, I didn't do TOO bad for my first handicapping try.

Actually did better with Turf Paradise than Santa Anita ... hmmm ... maybe a sign that ... NO!!! I'm NOT moving to Phoenix!! Noooooo!!

Ok, sorry about that! Anyway, here's what happened to the horses I bet on today:

Santa Anita:
Race 2: #2 Candy's Jewel came in 4th.
Race 3: #1 Grand Giant came in 4th; #7 Wild Student came in 7th.
Race 7: #4 Surfcup WON!!!

Turf Paradise:

Race 1: #6 Moon Valley Babe came in 7th.
Race 2: #5 Black Storm Regard WON!
Race 5: #7 Adriatic Moon PLACED!
Race 8: #4 Waronthehomefront PLACED!

So if you were with me, we had 4 out of 4 horses run in the money - not too bad for a first try, eh?

I'll be back tomorrow morning with more picks for Saturday's races!

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