Saturday, March 16, 2013


Well, yesterday's seemingly spontaneous method of handicapping actually worked out pretty well for me!

Here's what I did:
  • Compiled a list of all horses in every race at Santa Anita with the word "Cat" either in their own name, their sires/dams, or grandparents.
  • Compared that list to the handicappers in the L.A. Daily News (which we maintain a print subscription to ONLY so I can have a physical piece of newsprint to mark up)
  • Picked the ones I thought had the best chance of winning or placing
  • Placed my bets
I wound up betting "Place" on these horses, with these results:

Race #2:
  • #4 Manando (sire Bluegrass Cat) - result: PLACE
  • #5 War Academy (grandsire Storm Cat) - result:WON
Race #3:
  •  #7 TRIBAL DUDE - (grandsire Storm Cat) - result: LOST

Race #4:
  •  #2 CLASSY LION (grandsire Tale of the Cat) - result: LOST

Race #6:
  •  #5 COULD BE TROUBLE (sire Ministers Wild Cat) - result:WON
  • #7 RUN CAPTIVE RUN (grandsire Storm Cat) - result: LOST

Race #7:
  •  #3 A TOAST TO YOU (grandsire Storm Cat) - result: LOST
  • #9 SWEET SWAP (grandsire Storm Cat) - result: PLACED
 Not too shabby! A couple of winners and placers - I broke even, but hey, still no worse than any of my other handicapping systems, and a lot more fun IMHO!

OK - now that you see how it works - today's mystery handicapping word will be:


Good luck!

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